Steps to Take When Your Windshield is Chipped

You never know when that stray rock will make contact with your windshield as you're driving around town. If this unfortunate occurrence leaves a chip in your windshield, then the staff here at Autosaver Imports would like you to be aware of your options. You may not have to foot the bill for a complete windshield replacement.

The first thing you should do is get the windshield checked to determine if it can be repaired. If it can be, it is important to know that a repair doesn't return the windshield to an unbroken state. A check will identify the type of chip that your windshield has. There are four variations. These are Half Moon, Star, Bulls Eye, and Combination.

To repair your chipped windshield, a process is used to that forces all of the air out of the glass of the windshield. A resin is then put in to fill the void. As it hardens, the strength of the windshield is increased but doesn't reach pre-chip levels. The process will also leave a scar or blemish that is hopefully hardly noticeable.



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