How to Pack Your Emergency Roadside Kit

The team at Autosaver Imports wanted to make sure you packed your roadside emergency kit with the right items to survive any potential trouble.

Be sure you have some blankets in the trunk is case its freezing and the car power fails. A gallon of engine coolant and couple quarts of motor oil can really be helpful if the fluids get low.

Keep a small first-aid kit in the trunk in case you need to tend to injuries until help gets there. Pack a can or two of tire fix-a-flat and then look to see if the spare tire is working, there is a tire iron, and a jack too.

Road flares can really help make your disabled car more visible to motorists who may be distracted or might not see you well off the road. If you're ready to upgrade to a newer model, come by Autosaver Imports today!



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