What do All the Letters and Numbers Mean on Your Tires?

Have you ever wondered what all the letters and numbers are on your tires, but have not had time to find out what they mean? If so, then now is the time to get a quick explanation of what these symbols on your tires signify.

The first letter in the sequence is the tire's class; for example, "P" is for "Passenger" and "LT" means "Light Truck". The rest of the numbers have to do with the width, height by width ratio, speed ratings, type of tire construction, wheel diameter and load index. There is also information on the maximum inflation pressure (PSI) and the maximum load number.

We here at Autosaver Imports in Littleton will be glad to tell you just what all these numbers and letters mean on your vehicle's tires. Come in to see us and let us provide you with that information, and we can also provide any other automotive service you may need.

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