What are the Signs of an Exhaust Problem?

Your fuel efficiency is down, causing you to fill up your vehicle more often. You might also be noticing a vibration in the steering wheel, foot pedals, or seat and a hissing or popping sound when your engine is turned on. You've maybe heard that these are signs that your vehicle has an exhaust leak, but do you know why you shouldn't ignore these signs?

Your exhaust system runs the length of your vehicle, not just the muffler and tailpipe. So it's no surprise that a leak, say, in the manifolds can cause fumes to enter the cabin of the vehicle; this causes you and your passengers to breathe toxic fumes as you ride in your vehicle.

If you think that you might have problems with your exhaust system, stop by our car repair shop in Littleton, NH. We'll be happy to diagnose and fix any issues for you before you are breathing any fumes.