Step Into a Ford Escape

The Ford Motor Co is among the most loved and well respected of the big three American automakers. While upstarts from Japan and later tech startups like Tesla are trying to take over the market, Ford still remains a powerful force. Their line of cars, trucks and SUVs are among the most popular in the country. There are many reasons to check out our used Ford inventory at Autosaver Imports. The Ford Escape serves as a popular model that we sometimes carry due to the stellar capabilities this vehicle offers.

The Ford Escape is a midsized, people-moving SUV that has some off road/bad weather capabilities. This vehicle can comfortably seat eight while also storing a good amount of cargo both in the rear storage area and in the trunk. The Escape can go offroad in certain situations and is lifted enough to do so relatively comfortably. The Escape comes in three different models with a number of different abilities.



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